Reserve a Trip: Provence Cycling Tour with WTM


Provence Cycling Tour with WTM

Cycle Provence with Wilderness & Travel Medicine!  

This exciting Wilderness & Travel Medicine conference takes place in fabulous Provence!  

Provence is synonymous with colorful landscapes, the French Riviera, wonderful wines, and aromatic plants and perfumes. This is a land that boasts thousands of years of history: ancient chapels, walled villages, hidden ruins and lively towns.  

Cycling is a wonderful way to explore the small villages, towns, and countryside of this fabulous part of France. Van support allows us light panniers and a customized cycling itinerary.  

Our colorful, bilingual, knowledgeable guides will take us to hidden gems and treat us to a truly “authentic” Provence experience.  

We’ll enjoy fabulous French cuisine and charming accommodations. We’ll also do some wine tasting in this mecca’ of French wine areas. (Choice of Bikes Available.)

June 8th
to 13th, 2025
6 days